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Date: 27th November, 2022
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Nationally recognized by State & Local Family Courts & Probation Departments

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James A. Baker, Company Coordinator.

Anger Busting Workbook by James A. Baker.


Anger Management Classes

We, the Anger Management Training Institute LLC offer a variety of Court Certified Anger Management Classes which include our Anger Management Programs and Anger Management Courses, Online Anger Management Seminars. It's award winning intervention model springs from the bestselling "Anger Busting Workbook" and is used almost exclusively and accepted in courts, probation departments, hospitals, mental health facilities, substance abuse facilities, major corporations, governmental agencies and private practices throughout the United States & Canada. 13 preferred provider CEU Certifications following:

American Academy of Health Care Providers in Addictive Disorders Provider #10-1260

California Foundation for Advancement of Addiction Professionals (CFAAP) (CAADAC) Provider # OS-10-140-0412

California Board of Behavioral Sciences Provider # PCE 4758

California Board of Registered Nursing Provider # CEP 15554

Texas Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists Provider # 477 

Texas State Board of Social Workers Examiners Provider # 5665

NAADAC: The National Association for Addiction Professionals, Provider #548

National Association of Social Workers, Provider #886541990 - 34 CEU's

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors Provider Number 1442

Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling BAP #1080

Florida Board of Clinical Social Work Provider # BAP #1080

Florida Marriage and Family Therapy Provider # BAP #1080

Florida Mental Health Counseling Provider # BAP #1080

Will An Anger Event at Your Company Be the Next Big Headline?

It used to be that the biggest risks at work were from industrial accidents or getting a little too competitive during the tug of war at the company picnic. However, in today’s highly stressful and unstable culture, employees are facing increasing risks at work from angry, out of control coworkers.

The risks aren’t always of a physical nature. Angry employees can bring down productivity for the whole office by creating stress and distractions for everyone. Your business can lose good employees and even customers due to one disgruntled employee whose inappropriate expressions of anger make it hard to do business for everyone else.

Will this course really help me?

This course will absolutely help you; it will change your life. However, if you are abusing drugs or alcohol (come on, you know it if you are), then we urge you to postpone working in this course and immediately start attending an AA program. Face your chemical addictions and deal with them first, and then come back and finish this course.

I need help with my angry teen. Is this course suitable?

This course is probably not suitable for people under age 17. However, parents of angry teens usually need help with anger management, too. This course might be very helpful to you.

My husband is verbally and physically abusive. Will this course help me to help him with his anger issues?

You can’t help your husband if he is not willing to take the course and help himself. However, this course will help you with the anger issues you are dealing with as a result of living with your abusive spouse. In addition, you will receive an additional benefit by reading chapters 4-6 of The Anger Busting Workbook, available for you to read free of charge by accessing the link on our home page.

Don’t Be the Next Headline – Become Your Own Success Story

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